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Since the 13th July eastwind and eastwindmarketing have been publishing some contents, but not their editions and weekly summaries. There's a plain reason for this. We've received the new platform for the eastwind magazines . That  platform, we've been expecting for months.The new platform, as well as the e-mail newsletter services and new social network channels are now under test, so still not published, but will be available along the Summer or in early September.Till we have completed the works to move all eastwind and eastwindmarketing editorial materials (2007-2015) both platforms will be visible, the old one under the eastwindmarketing.es domain name and the other one under the eastwind.es domain name at www.eastwind.es. More clic on the headline in blue.

article / One Chinese company enters the top 10 Rabobank Global Dairy ranking for the first time ever

The Chinese company Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. has been ranked 10th in the latest Global Dairy Top 20 yearly report for 2014 recently published by Rabobank.

It is the first time that a Chinese company enters the 10 head group in this sector.

There are just three other Asian companies in the Top 20 list, Japanese, Meiji and Morinaga Milk Industry, and one from China, Mengniu. With $7.4Bn (€5.6Bn) turnover in 2013 Meiji goes down to the 12th spot this year from the 10th position achieved in the 2013 ranking.

Morinaga Milk Industry drops from 13th place reached in 2013 to the 20th with turnover declared for 2013 at $4.8 Bn (€3.6Bn).

The melamine contamination scandal that bursted in 2008 before the Olimpics in Beijing seems to have been left far behind, at least attending to the $7.6Bn turnover (€5.7Bn) declared by Yili in 2013 and the $7Bn (€5.3Bn) turnover posted by Mengniu that have made the Chinese dairy go up from the 15th spot reached in 2013 to the 14th in 2014 ranking.

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